Spain is prestigious for its magnificence and sentimental character, however a long shadow waits over this rich Mediterranean country. Profoundly embedded in Spanish culture are the absolute most hostile creature pitilessness customs known to current man. Shockingly, the Spanish government finances a large number of these occasions as profitable “social” legacy. Residential community obliviousness has a great deal to do with these conventions continuing however the Spanish every living creature’s common sense entitlement development is making progress on account of gatherings like Igualdad Animal and Anima Naturalis. In spite of the developing well known resistance, these customs are industriously holding tight in more than 10,000 towns and towns who battle to ensure their grisly legacy.


1. “Corrida de Toros” Bullfighting

“Bullfighting is a stumbling block for the humanization of man.” Eduardo del Rio, Mexican Author 

Clearly the most surely understood custom, few understand the blood sport is financed with open cash. Regardless of universal and national weight, these fierce occasions proceed because of the significant turn off business income. Business lobbyists will battle a boycott to ensure benefit in spite of the “art’s” put in famous sentiment. The ascent of worldwide enemy of bullfighting urban areas is empowering; however without a lot of a command to authorize the bans it stays to be perceived how compelling they’ll be. In any case, dynamic urban communities including Castrillón, Vedra, Dodro and Pobra do Brollónare are setting outstanding new measures. Yet, there’s still a great deal of work to do.

2. “Toro de la Vega” in Tordesillas

“The thinking man must oppose all cruel customs no matter how deeply rooted in tradition or surrounded by a halo. We need a boundless ethic which will include the animals also.” Albert Schweitzer

This bleeding celebration must return to the medieval times. A bull is pursued through Tordesillas by a crowd of lance pressing men. One by one the aggressors torment and spear the bull as he endeavors to safeguard himself. Once in a while, if he’s fortunate, he scores moment karma by gutting and hurling meriting men high into the air. At the point when the bull at long last crumples from blood misfortune or fatigue, his gonads are cut off by the “victor”. The prize? A flavorful supper of delicious bull balls. Indeed, this is a family occasion.

3. San Vicente de Martir Festival in Manganeses de la Polyorosa

Whoever thought this one up was one cruel prick. In Manganeses de la Polvorosa, on the fourth Sunday each January, young fellows toss an awful goat from best of the congregation chime tower. In the interim, the group beneath is purportedly expected to get him in a sheet. In the event that the goat got away demise by falling, he was suffocated in the town wellspring. Because of every living creature’s common sense entitlement gatherings, 2002 was the last time this residential community got their goat. From that point forward members have been debilitated with $15,000 dollar fines on the off chance that they should endeavor utilizing a live goat for their “great occasions”.


4. Running of the Bulls in Pamplona

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Each morning of the celebration is another bull run. Notwithstanding several wounds each year this abundantly idiotic occasion keeps on getting under the skin of activists around the world. It’s viewed as a standout amongst the most imperative social occasions in Europe beside Oktoberfest. The bulls, who are acquired from the field, rush through the boulevards on account of electric dairy cattle nudges. They’re confused, insulted and scared in the clamor and disarray around them. It’s not realized the end result for them after the occasions.

5. The Pero Palo Festival in Villanueva de la Vera

“Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.” Arthur Schopenhauer

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In the mountains of western Spain, the little town of Villanueva de la Vera yearly misuse not a bull but rather a jackass. Shockingly, this celebration likewise includes alcoholic, vicious Spaniards tormenting and tormenting a powerless creature. The jackass is hauled through the swarmed lanes while enduring a wide range of manhandle long the way. Devotees holler and serenade, slap and strike the creature, shoot shotguns, detonate sparklers between his legs and beat him with cowbells. Those jackasses fall’s identity raised up to begin once again, until the finish of the occasion the jackass is depleted and secured a shed. Jackasses regularly pass on of worry amid the “fun” or are squashed and choked in the group. The occasion purportedly reenacts the capture of a town attacker who was gotten and marched through the roads on a jackass before his stoning execution. Evidently these townsfolk likewise simply detest jackasses.

6. “Rapa das Bestas” in Galicia

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One may think “Rapa das Bestas” deciphers as “Monster Rape”. That may not be a long way from reality in this multi year old custom of threatening wild steeds however it’s basically a crude type of our western rodeos. One radiant evening in Galicia, plastered townsfolk pursue crowds of wild ponies into town roads. There the ponies are wrestled by end of the week warriors who cuts their manes, tails and brand them. Obviously this comprises a late spring occasion in Spain.

7. The Hanging of the Galgos

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Chasing is a well known side interest in rustic Spain where Spanish Greyhounds “galgos” are utilized to flush amusement creatures. You may expect that seekers love and tend to their significant chasing pooches right? No. This is Spain would you say you are joking? Toward the finish of each bunny chasing season the pooches are hung by the thousands in town trees. It’s normal to discover dead pooches swinging from trees or adhered to fence posts. Creature welfare bunches assess a huge number of galgos are reproduced and killed every year. As though being hung wasn’t sufficiently terrible, a few seekers pick rather to stone them to death, tied them up and abandon them to starve, suffocate them in wells or simply set them ablaze. They are insensitively observed as dispensable instruments unworthy of love nor even a fundamental standard of care.

8. Baby Quail Catapulting in Valencia

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Of all the fun things you could think of doing, blasting baby birds to bits likely wouldn’t come to mind unless you’re from Valencia, or maybe Arkansas. Every year, weeks old baby quail are gathered to be launched from a specially made bird-cannon. Yea, baby birds fired from a cannon, then reduced to small puffs of feathers by shotgun blasts for entertainment. This is a primitive form of clay pigeon shooting and of course, it even draws a crowd.


Image result for 9. Antzar Eguna “Day of the Geese” in Lekeitio

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Apparently the Spanish also hate Geese. At least they do in Lekeitio where for 350 years they’ve pulled the head off a live goose for fun in the name of their patron saint. Because that’s what saints enjoy obviously; unless of course you’re the “Saint of Not Pulling Off Heads”. A rope is strung across the harbor, from which a greased goose is hung by its feet. Boats pass underneath with revelers frantically trying to yank off the struggling bird’s head. Public outrage over the event now stipulates the bird must be killed before strung up for the fun.


10. Toro Jubilo Festival in Medinaceli

“The antiquity of an abuse is not justification for its continuance.” Dr. Samuel Johnson


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Every November in the sleepy medieval town of Medinaceli, the 804 residents throw an unusual party. “Toro de Fuego” is quite literally the “bull on fire”. While the bull is tied to a post, unable to move, large balls of tar and pitch are stuck to his horns and set aflame. Then they release him into the streets to run amok in terror while taunted by drunk Spaniards and sadistic tourists. The bull often runs straight into walls to put out the fire while suffering burns to his horns, face and eyes. The tradition is considered pre-Celtic, from the Bronze Age no less. All the more reason to end it permanently.


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