Terrible film indicates baby mice being dunked in sauce and after that eaten ALIVE as a delicacy

the dish is fairly prevalent in south China, mainly in the Guangdong province

Sickening film of infant mice being set up to be eaten has risen and it may put you off your supper.

In the video a plate of pink child mice are wriggling on a plate.

One is then culled from its mates and is plunged into a sauce.

The video does not indicate the end result for the little mouse, but rather film somewhere else of the Chinese delicacy recommends it was eaten.


Called ‘three squeaks’, the dish is genuinely predominant in south China, for the most part in the Guangdong region.

The recently conceived mice – still uncovered and visually impaired – are served up with a soy-based sauce.

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Mice: A little child rat is chosen for the feast (Image: NewsFlare)

The dish gets its name from the sounds made when eating the mice.

The main squeak is the point at which the mouse is grabbed with the chopsticks.

The second is the point at which the mouse is plunged into the sauce.

The third is the point at which the mouse is set into your mouth.



Dinner: The mouse is plunged into the sauce (Image: NewsFlare)

Isolate film of another man really eating the mice has additionally as of late developed in China.

The man was seen with a plate of the child mice before him.

He takes one and covers it in sauce before setting it in his mouth and biting.


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