Boycott South Korea Stop Killing Dogs and Cats

Seoul Food and Hotel 2018 Exhibition!

Dear forthcoming guests and exhibitors of the Seoul Food and Hotel 2018 Exhibition in South Korea:

I ask you today to please blacklist the Seoul Food and Hotel 2018 Exhibition in South Korea and remain against the shocking and abominable remorselessness submitted against the a huge number of blameless mutts in South Korea consistently.

Harriet Beecher Stowe stated, “It’s a matter of taking the side of the frail against the solid, something the best individuals have constantly done.”

In South Korea, 2.5 million canines are tormented and eaten each year. Despite the fact that the nation has set up an Animal Protection Law for partner creatures, puppies are as yet beaten, hanged, shocked and treated terribly by agriculturists and butchers. What’s more, mutts and felines are as yet being beaten and bubbled alive for alleged elixirs, which don’t have medicinal properties aside from in the brains of innocent clients.

These sickening practices have no place in the cutting edge world. Different nations in Asia have restricted the eating of canine meat and the merciless business that runs with it numerous years back: Taiwan in 2001, Hong Kong in 1950, Philippines in 1998, Thailand in 2000,… For what reason does South Korea fall behind these nations and other humanized social orders?

It’s the obligation of the South Korean government to unequivocally end the barbarous canine and feline meat enterprises. Right now is an ideal opportunity to push off the preposterous legends and purposeful publicity encompassing these ventures and their disgusting items. This is the ideal opportunity to desert in reverse and superfluous conventions.

Also, this is the ideal opportunity for South Korea to begin considering creature insurance important and demonstrate that it truly has a caring and moral society. That implies it is the ideal opportunity for the South Korean government to all the more likely instruct the general population about the significance of spaying and fixing, about not deserting creature friends, and about treating creatures consciously.

Until the point when these things are done, South Korea’s notoriety in the worldwide network will keep on suffering, in spite of its astonishing modernization and worldwide reasoning. Its subjects will keep on facing disgrace and shame.

There is no proper creature assurance enactment to keep the creature remorselessness as of now occurring in South Korea. As somebody who accepts unequivocally that creatures ought not be dealt with thusly, I ask the South Korean Government to fortify the Animal Protection Law to anticipate creature pitilessness and to present fundamental creature insurance controls. It should likewise give punishments to infringement and guarantee that abused creatures can be legitimately seized from abusers and given quick shelter. I ask for that the South Korean Government make an enforceable law to boycott the torment, murdering, deal, and utilization of mutts and felines.

Dear forthcoming guests and exhibitors of the Seoul Food and Hotel 2018 Exhibition in South Korea,

You have the ability to have any kind of effect for these poor creatures who are compelled to persevere through the most anguishing and incredible enduring. OK please remain by these creatures today and be their voice?


Seoul Food and Hotel 2018 Exhibition:

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