Stop Bullfighting

What You Can Do to End the Cruelty of Bullfighting

Contact the Catholic Church and ask them to freely repudiate the act of bullfighting. The Pope could end this torment tomorrow with a solid articulation. See beneath for contact data. 
In the event that you can just complete one thing to encourage the bulls, this ought to be it! 

Contact organizations that support and bolster bullfighting.

Call and compose communicating your solid dissatisfaction. See beneath for a rundown of organizations as yet supporting bullfights.

Never go to a bullfight. Teach your family, companions, and colleagues. Urge them to never go to bullfights. Send them a connection to 
Support nearby associations in nations where bullfighting still happens. One such gathering is the International Movement Against Bullfights. 
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Make a move

The Catholic Church 
We ask you to make your perspectives known to the Vatican and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and in addition your own diocesan Bishop with respect to this terrible “diversion”.
The Pope could end this torment tomorrow with a solid articulation censuring the torment of these honest creatures.
Email His Holiness through the Vatican’s site: 
Untied States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is a gathering of the U.S. Catholic Church progression. If it’s not too much trouble call and consciously ask that the Church issue an announcement censuring the unfeeling routine with regards to bullfighting.
Joined States Conference of Catholic Bishops
3211 fourth Street, N.E. 
Washington DC 20017-1194 
Phone: (202) 541-3000 
Communicate something specific through their site here: 
It would be ideal if you forward any reaction you may get from the Church to us at: 


SHARK is resolved to get Coca-Cola out of the creature mishandle business! Read about Coca-Cola’s nauseating nearness at bullfights here. 
You can help us by offering your contemplations about Coke’s heartlessness to the organization’s CEO and President:
Email Coca-Cola’s Corporate Responsibility Review specifically at: 
Telephone: 770-989-3000 
Toll Free! (800) 438-2653 (GET-COKE) 
Director and CEO 
The Coca-Cola Company 
P.O. Box 1734 
Atlanta, GA 30301 
It would be ideal if you likewise send a different letter to a similar deliver to the Board of Directors at Coca-Cola.
It would be ideal if you forward any reaction you may get from Coke to us at:, so we can monitor what corporate lie(s) they are distributing at some random minute:

Discover Card/Diners Club

Coffee shops Club International, which is possessed by Discover Financial Services, supports many bullfights where bulls are tormented to death by groups of equipped hooligans. To take in more Click  here. 
If you don’t mind Watch our new video propelling our battle to get Discover/Diners Club out of the bullfighting business. When you see the outright brutality included, you’ll need to go along with me in cutting up your Discover card. 
Please email or call Discover Financial Services’ Chief Executive Officer David W. Steerages and respectfully let him realize what you consider Discover/Diners Club supporting coldblooded bullfights at:
Telephone: 224-405-0900 

Corona Beer

A bullring representative places a grisly spear tip into a Corona Beer container. The spear was simply tore from the body of a bull who was tormented to death in a bullring in Puebla, Mexico.
Crown truly has the blood of the blameless on it. Ideally minding individuals will think about this photo before requesting a Corona, or any result of Anheuser-Busch. 
Unexpectedly, Anheuser-Busch, creator of Budweiser Beer and the real investor of Corona, likewise possesses the Sea World marine stops, and claims to think about creatures and protection. This photo uncovered reality.
Anheuser-Busch declines to expel its help for potentially the most noticeably bad creature torment on the planet, and as anyone might expect likewise supports rodeos in the United States and Canada.
Disclose to Corona what you think about them supporting this mercilessness:



Bullfighting cruelty

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