It’s that season once more! The blossoms are sprouting, the feathered creatures are singing, and it’s a great opportunity to go butcher child creatures.

No, this isn’t a joke—it’s only nothing new in Canada. Each spring, the Canadian government gives business sealers the green light to shoot and club to death countless child harp seals. In 1987, Canada prohibited the murdering of whitecoat seal puppies, however they can at present be slaughtered after they lose their notorious white hide at only half a month of age. Most harp seals are killed when they are 3 weeks to 3 months old. The Canadian government perceives that “youthful harp seals give the most important pelts.”

At the end of the day, sealers want to kill infant seals in light of the fact that their pelts bring higher costs.

Youthful seals are not all that not the same as the infant creatures we regularly share our homes with, for example, little cats and doggies. On the off chance that you wouldn’t murder one, why execute the other?

Infant seals even offer a name with child hounds: They’re designated “little guys.”

Harp seal pups are known for their big black eyes. Can you tell the difference between the harp seal pup and the young Chihuahua pictured below?

No? Neither can we. But it isn’t just dogs who are similar to these swimming mammals. Did you know that kittens and harp seals both use their whiskers for sensory purposes?

Cats’ whiskers help them detect objects in the dark, and seals’ whiskers help them stay safe in murky waters.

Cats’ whiskers help them detect objects in the dark, and seals’ whiskers help them stay safe in murky waters.

Harp seal pups, kittens, and puppies are all mammals, and all form strong bonds with their mothers at birth.

But thanks to Canada’s commercial seal slaughter, many of these bonds may be broken.


We can’t trust this is as yet going on, either. In any case, you can help stop it.

Desire the Canadian government to end the business seal butcher.

“Yellowjacket: Newborn little guys with white hide tinted yellow from placental liquid are conceived weighing around 24 lbs. what’s more, estimating just about 3 feet long.

Whitecoat: After a couple of days, the yellowish tint vanishes, and the little guys have a cushioned white fur garment. They nurture on their moms high-fat drain (containing about 45% fat) and triple their weight to more than 75 lbs. in around 12 days. Moms perceive their puppies in the group by their smell.

***referred to as puppies in numerous articles about infant harp seals


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