Urge Canada to End Its Shameful Seal Slaughter

the Canadian government enables sealers to shoot and cudgel a huge number of seals to death.

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Consistently, the Canadian government enables sealers to shoot and cudgel a huge number of seals to death. Now and again, it takes in excess of one hit to the set out toward a seal to bite the dust. Also, regularly, they’re left amazing and agonizingly on the ice. This savagery proceeds, despite the fact that every significant market have prohibited seal-hide imports, including the U.S., the E.U., and Russia. help voice less

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Fortunately the finish of this mishandle is nearing: Canada’s business seal butcher is barely surviving. These creatures require you to help at long last end voice less

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has handled numerous social issues since taking office, and now, he has a chance to help other people who frantically require it: voice less


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  1. End this disgrace to our Country! This is totally barbaric and unnecessary!!
    Making Canada look horrible in the eyes of the world! We have NO right as human beings to brutalize animals like this!
    Many countries of the world have stopped
    Supporting this atrocity! But Canada still continues to slaughter these poor innocent creatures!!! ENOUGH ‼️STOP THE SEAL HUNT CANADA OR BE KNOWN AS A BUNCH OF SADISTIC SAVAGES ! Embarrassed this happens in my country‼️SORRY SEALS RIP🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. What century are we in? These atrocities look like reenactments from the medieval ages when barbarism was rampant. Well it’s certainly rampant in Canada with the seal hunts. Nothing to be proud of here Canada. Absolute shame of our country to be participating in such macabre murders of innocent animals!

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